Random but daily loss of audio on Sky Q

  • 30 June 2020
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Hoping somebody can shed some light on this rather odd audio behaviour. I have a Beam connected via ARC to an LG 49SM8200PLA and Sky Q into the other HDMI port on the LG.

TV setting is set to pass through as I get better audio quality and no lip sync issues as I do when using Bitstream.

All works fine. However, randomly during the day sound will drop on Sky News or Sports. I used to simply turn off and on again the Sky q box which would instantly solve the issue but I shouldn’t have to be doing this procedure.

So recently when it happened, I tested other things for audio. Playing BBC or ITV on Sky Q worked with audio, as did using Netflix or Prime via the TV’s own apps. ONCE, when I then returned from the TV apps back to Sky Q (sports) sound returned. However this didn’t happen today.

If anybody has encountered this issue, it would be helpful to know any solution. FYI, it’s wall mounted so using optical is not possible, nor do I want to lose the Alexa functionality with ARC.

Cheers all.

1 reply

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Hi @GOTY19.

Thanks for reaching out and for the detailed post outlining your concern.

I appreciate the troubleshooting steps that you did, let me help and try to figure this out.

First, kindly please submit a diagnostic report through the Sonos app preferably while it’s happening, and reply with the confirmation number.

I'd be glad to review your system further and it will also help in identifying what's causing the issue.


Then, please refer to this article that provides common fixes for TV audio interruptions while using Sonos home theater speakers.


Let us know how it goes and if you have any other questions or run into any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out.