Radio Alarm volume issues

  • 26 October 2016
  • 1 reply

Since the most recent update the Alarm volume is not working as it should. (6.4.8 on iPhone)
I use Tunein radio and use the bedroom as my main alarm with linked rooms.

What used to happen, which seemed correct, was the Alarm would come on at the selected volume as per the alarm setting. Now it comes on at whatever volume it was set to previously including mute! I don't know about you but muted alarms are not very good at waking me up.

So I am either being blasted awake by a volume I set the previous day when listening to a quieter source, or not at all.

Worse other parts of the house are doing the same so my neighbors are probably wondering why I need the kitchen radio on maximum at 6.30 am.

Any suggestions?

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1 reply

Alarms are stored in the players, not the controllers. The player which invoked the alarm (which isn't necessarily the one doing the actual playing) may be having some communication difficulties. I suggest you submit a system diagnostic and post the number. Sonos Support can take a look.