• 30 December 2019
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I currently have a projector set up with Sonos 5.1 (sound bar sub and 2 play 1’s ) and had my cable box hooked up directly to my sound bar via optical cord. I just had my cable updated and the new boxes do not have optical in and neither does my projector. My projector has the left right (red and white) and an audio in that looks like a headphone jack. Is there anything out there that I can buy to achieve the 5.1 surround sound again? 

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1 reply

An HDMI switch/device with an optical port would certainly work. From a random search on Amazon, something like this:

Although you can get them with all numbers of inputs, from one on up.

There are a lot of posts in this forum about such devices. I’ve never needed to use one, so I don’t have any particular recommendation.