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  • 11 February 2017
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I have bought a play sound bar and a benq w2000 projector.

The issue I have is I have no optical output on the projector. I have a PS4 which I can run an optical lead to my sound bar however to stream films etc I was planning to use my amazon stick.

So how can I get the sound from my amazon stick which is plugged into the projector via hdmi to come out of the play bar which is connected to my PS4 which is connected to my projector via hdmi also.



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1 reply

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Hi jonedwardstokes,


There are a lot of excellent technical people in the Community that may be able to help you more than I... but just to kep your thread alive/in the top posts... I'll comment, and suggest that I think you will be looking for an HDMI switch that has an Optical out.

You'd plug the HDMI for the various sources you have including the stick into the switch, the optical out fromn the box to the PlayBar and video out to the projector... You can expect a few of the local tech hardware experts to post some samples I expect... but if you search this forum with a few careful search terms, you likely will find examples of what you need.

Best of luck getting everything set up. I'm confident you will like it once you are set-up!