Programable Buttons on SONOS Components

  • 15 February 2013
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In response to @vowe on Twitter: New on vowe dot net :: Yes, @Sonos, I have further questions. And I am letting you know here. :: /cc: @SonosSupport

95 replies

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Thank you for the feedback. I am going to move this to the SONOS Customer Community Site It will become a feature request for programmable buttons on the SONOS Components. This will allow other users to vote on the idea, and submits it to the SONOS Product Development Team. We love to hear your requests as it helps us in providing you with the best possible experience with our products. We are always listening and updating our products with feature enhancements and releases. Thank you for your interest. Have a great day.
A programmable "Stop" buttons to emergency stop playback of the zone ou groupped zone when press mute 3 seconds it is possible ?
Here is the original description of this idea. I want the mute button to also pause/play the player. It would let you use a PLAY:3 like a kitchen radio. Turn it on and off without fetching a remote.
SONOS, I want to start/stop my PLAY:5 with the mute button on last used source. I don´t want to use an app every time for the simplest thing to do with a PLAY:5: Start and stop with just one button. Make my wish come true!
great idea!
Required feature to get a Sonos system into out bathrooms and kitchen...
I would like the "kitchen radio" idea as well. It would also be nice to be able to start a preprogrammed radio station or playlist directly from the player. For example: I want to be able to listen to my local news station on the kitchen radio. One press. Even if it was playing something else beforehand. Other example: I might listen to the same song every morning while I shave. One press. The song plays. We all know this will make the interface more complex, but please think about it.
Nice Idea.. also the "kitchen radio" thing.
Just switch off the music when leaving the room by a flick of the finger - without having to fiddle with my phone. WANT feature!
Really like this idea.
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SONOS, please listen!
It's about bandwidth and convenience. Please make this happen.
My wife is moaning about this missing feature since ages! That would definitely raise the support for even more Sonos devices in our household.
I need play/pause/auto play, too. However I am suggesting to keep the old Mute logic and add a function to the button. 1. Double tap while off: start playing default source. 2. Double tap while playing: pause. (LED could indicate paused state) 3. Double tap while paused: resume playing. Cheers!
I would be happy with vowe's proposal, please Sonos...
looking forward to this since years!
very good enhancement!
I like the way Ingo Storm suggested it to be implemented. That would not break usage patterns for all users while at the same time make the separate kitchen/bathroom radios obsolete. I strongly support this! I have room for more Sonos equipment in my house... Please Sonos, make it happen 🙂
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Very good idea.
Definitely +1. Even +2, if I count my wife. This function would instantly sell a play.5 for the kitchen and a play.3 for the bathroom, maybe even make me pull the trigger on a playbar.
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Really like this idea. +1000
@Sonos: please!
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This is the one feature my wife asks for. Please give it to her!