Problems with Playbar Remote Control Range

  • 14 November 2017
  • 0 replies

After MONTHS of battling horrible audio problems, I just received a replacement Playbar. It appears the replacement unit did indeed solve the audio issues (crackling, cutouts, etc.) but unfortunately it seems the range for remote control is terrible. I need to be within 4-5 feet of the unit to adjust the volume! I've tried different remote controls, replaced batteries, etc. but this is the same remote that I've used on the previous Playbar that worked from at least 20-25 feet away. To change the volume we need to either get up and walk across the room or use the app, which is not exactly optimal. Is anyone else experiencing this with their playbar? I will say that when I opened the box to get my replacement, it had a big tag saying "refurbished". I'm a bit peeved that it looks like the refurbished unit sent to me was broken and I have to go through this entire replacement mess again. Ugh

Anybody have additional troubleshooting ideas?

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