Problems when creating 5.1 set up

  • 31 July 2020
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I recently purchased 2 Play One SLs and Flexson adjustable stands - I wanted the Play One SLs to add to my Playbar and Sub to give me Dolby Digital 5.1.


When setting them up (which was a real pain as they simply would not connect to Playbar/Sub existing set up from the app – had to add them to new rooms in the end to get them on the network and then transfer them to ‘living room’ to add to existing kit as rears) I was not getting 5.1 sounds, the rears were simply providing a low level noise and the Sonos app was showing Stereo 2.0.


I have a Panasonic TX58DX900 tv connected to Playbar by optical


TV has SkyQ, BT Ultimate, and Bluray player attached via HDMI


If I attached the optical from SkyQ to Playbar direct (as opposed to the initial set up, of Playbar to TV) I got the 5.1, however, I then miss out on Amazon (app on tv), BT and Bluray being 5.1.


I then did a bit of online digging and found I needed to change TV setting from PCM to Bitstream to get pass-through so all devices feeding to Playbar via tv.


Whilst this has worked in terms of getting 5.1, I get terrible interference (like a Dalek talking) for the first minute or so when I turn the tv on and then again when I go from channel to channel – also, some of the channels have lip sync issues (and some don’t??) – after a minute or so both issues settle down.


Problem is, as soon as I change channel or switch tv off and on again the same problem occurs.


I hope the above makes sense, and if anyone knows what I am doing wrong any help would be much appreciated.

1 reply

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Hi @7jason, welcome to the community. We greatly appreciate all the details here and let me help you with your concern. First, it’s nice that you’re getting 5.1 surround sound (Dolby Digital) now. It’s weird on what’s going now with the audio but have you tried connecting it again to other source devices like your SkyQ and if you’ll get the same problem? More details here about Audio and Video are out of sync. Let us know how it goes. Thanks!