Problems Outputing Audio from tv source to beam

  • 10 September 2018
  • 3 replies

I have just spent the majority of the weekend trying to get my Sonos Beam to receive audio from my TV. I have tried on 3 seperate tvs a samsung smart tv (ue40es5500), panasonic (tx-l24x5b) and panasonic (txp42gt508) these tvs are a bit old so they do not have an ARC connection however I was going to connect via optical using the supplied lead i have tried adjusting various settings on tge tvs samsung enabling the link feature and enablinh the external speaker settings and on the panasonic tvs selecting the optical inputs however this does not resolve the issue and on the setup when i select optical setup it is unable to find a signal for the TV. The beam cam play sound from the radio services so is connected to my network ok.

Am i missing an important step? I also tried hooking it up to the optical port of my xbox one however that failed to output any sound to the bar either and i changed the audio settings. I am thinking i must have a defective optical to hdmi cable.

Any suggestions? I have also tried turning volume up within the controller app. I feel i might need to start boxing it up 😢

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3 replies

You do have the TV selected as the input source? The easiest way to achieve this is to go to Settings, Room Settings, select Beam, TV, enable TV Autoplay
I have not tried that however on the setup process when connected optically and searching for the tv signal it fails.
It may be a faulty cable as you suggest, or a faulty connection on the Beam, although that would be very rare. I think you would do best to call Sonos Support if you can. What you have tried seems very sensible and comprehensive. If there is a problem with the Beam itself then Support would arrange a swap out.