Problem mit Stereo/Dolby

  • 18 January 2019
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Hi all,

just bought a Beam (I also have two Play:1s in the same room to create a surround).
The TV is connected to a media box (Apple TV 4K and Telekom Media Receiver).
The Media Receiver and the Apple TV are both set to Dolby Digital as Audio Output in "About My Sonos" I always see "Stereo".
The TV is an old Toshiba TL968 (with HDMI-ARC and CEC enabled).
The volume from the two Play:1s is very low and, surprisingly, if I configure the two sources (Receiver and Apple TV) to Stereo, it gets better, I would have expected the other way around.

I have not configure TrueTone yet, I will do it tomorrow.

But I do not understand why I get "Stereo" if the sources are set to Dolby.


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3 replies

As a guess, the Toshiba isn't passing a correct Dolby Digital signal through to the HDMI-ARC output, for some reason. Might want to take a look at the audio settings on the Toshiba. Have you looked in the Sonos controller app to check to see what the Beam says that it is receiving? Does the TV have an optical output that you can test with? Is there a setting in the audio area of the TV to set the output from "Variable" to "Fixed"?

The part that confuses me is that your experience sounds relatively correct for the receipt of a "Dolby Digital" signal on a show that doesn't have any real surround to play. For instance, watching my local news programs are exactly as you describe, and if I set my satellite box to stereo, the surrounds do get louder, but when I'm getting a Dolby Digital signal, there's very little noise from the surround speaker, because the sound engineer has designed it that way.
But I am almost sure that the Toshiba does not pass the 5.1 through the HDMI-ARC port. I think I need an HDMI Switch Audio Extractor to do that. Could you please suggest one?

I checked in all settings pages and audio is not set to DD, also on the external sources (TV Box from Internet provider and Apple TV 4K) but in "about" inside Sonos App I always get "Stereo", never seen "Dolby Digital".

What I noticed is that from the Play:1, during TV Shows, I can hear really well music, but not so good voices, is it so wanted?

I don't use an HDMI switch myself, so it's hard for me to recommend one in particular. Based on your use of "mit" in your title, I'm assuming you're from somewhere in Europe, perhaps Deutschland. Not sure offhand if Amazon is available there, but I would be looking at something like this:

There's likely dozens of these kinds of devices available, pick on that suits your price range and needs.

During TV shows, what is showing in the Audio In line on "About My Sonos" in the settings? I suspect the voices will be much better after you add the switch device, as I'm guessing your TV is trying to "mix" a stereo sound from a Dolby Digital signal from the TV station, and not doing a good job.