Previous owner wondering if its safe to come back?

  • 7 July 2022
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I had the arc with surrounds and sub before the infamous drop outs problem. I eventually gave up whilst I had an opportunity to return it, mainly down to the lack of information from Sonos. I have now moved on to the new Samsung Q990, which is fantastic, apart from, the rear and sub drop outs. I swear I am cursed with soundbars. The difference with the Samsung is that it briefly stops but 2 seconds later comes back, but It’s not right. So, is it safe to come back to Sonos? I loved the sound from it when I had it. Cheers


ps, if I did, is it worth getting fives for surround as this Samsung is a lot better at surround than the arc.


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I’m sure the Sonos door is always open to everyone - the decision to walk through it however is a matter for you. By all accounts those that had the issue you refer to for a month or so, appear to be saying "all is well”.

Personally speaking, I’ve never encountered the HT issue and I have three of their soundbars, including the Arc, with Fives & Sub - I was personally happy with ‘Ones’ as surrounds, but obviously the Fives are far better and I wanted to use the Ones elsewhere in the Home. The bigger step for me however was adding the Sonos Sub to the Arc HT - that made a huge difference to the overall cinema-like experience.

The Fives are probably a bit of overkill for my size living room, but they’re just great for ‘full’ music playback. Absolutely no regrets here.

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Thanks Ken. I really did enjoy the arc when I had it. My problem now is being spoilt by the Samsung for immersion. It’s made the rears of the Sonos seem quite direct. Do the fives spread the rear sound out at all?

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There's the Sony HT-A9 as well, not a soundbar but supposed to be very good at delivering full atmos.

I can’t compare to the Samsung HT as I don’t have one, nor have I heard it, although I did previously have a Sony HT & Sub and the Sonos setup here is miles-better than the Sony HT (now in my Son’s Family Home).

The Sonos Fives as HT rears were/are my choice for my 22’ x 14’ Living Room. It is certainly a step-up from the ‘Ones’ for cinema surround. More room-filling and warmer is perhaps how I would best describe them in that role,  but where they do (obviously) win hands-down is for music audio. 

If I had just an Arc without any surrounds, my next purchase nowadays would be the Sub first of all, and then the two surrounds… I would have remained ‘happy’ with the Ones for my size living room, but still glad I upgraded and I was, of course, able to use the Ones elsewhere.

Not sure if those thoughts/views are of any further help to you at all.