• 9 April 2017
  • 2 replies

Please help ! My play bar has gone through two sonos power cords in two days ! TV is connected to play bar with a sub and two play 1s. It worked fine 'til I changed the TV. New tv is a Samsung 65ks8000

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2 replies

What do you mean by "gone through". Are they melting? Are they breaking?

Generally speaking, they're effectively the same thing as an extension cord, i.e. they take power from one place (the socket) to another (the speaker).

If they're physically breaking/splitting, then they're being moved too much. Not sure how that can happen, but you can easily get replacement cords. It's possible that they've aged in the sun, received too much UV light, etc.

If they're melting, you've got a serious electrical issue that the Sonos is absorbing, but the cord isn't. You should immediately unplug anything that is using that same circuit, and turn off the breaker to it, until you can get an electrician to come in and look at it. Melting would be a sign of too much voltage coming through the cable.

Please be careful.
Thanks for your reply. The play bar power cord fused. Replaced it with another sonos power cord and that too fused. Sonos were very helpful today and have agreed to exchange the now redundant play bar. Conclude that the Belkin power strip or my outlet might not be liking the extra power.