Port or Amp for Airplay 2, turntable and PS4

  • 28 December 2019
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So I’m still looking to get a Port or Amp to add Sonos to my living room during the sales and before the prices go up. I have Sonos Ones in the bedroom and kitchen.


I currently have a Apple TV3, PS4 and turntable connected to a stereo amp and speakers, with the ATV3 or PS4 going through a DAC. I have an old TV without HDMI Arc or optical/digital outputs. I don’t want to replace the TV yet, but will in the future, as which point I’ll make sure it has HDMI Arc (and possibly Apple TV/Airplay built in. Whichever I choose, I will not drop the stereo amp and/or DAC from the living room and could eventually use elsewhere.


Here are the possibilities I’m thinking of. Any suggestions? I wish the Port and Amp had more inputs.


In both cases, I’d keep the current speakers. 


Sonos Port

PS4 through DAC to Stereo Amp

Turntable to Stereo Amp or even direct to Port

Stereo Amp to/from Port

ATV3 through AirPlay 2 to Port


Will there be a delay/sync issues when watching video with the PS4 and/or ATV3? I know that the Port is not made for TV, but will it add a delay that is not present when using PS4 and ATV3 to the stereo amp?


Sonos Amp

PS4 digital out to Amp HDMI with adaptor

Turnable to Amp (TT has built in preamp which can be bypassed)

ATV3 through AirPlay 2 to Amp


Would there be sync issues? The stereo amp could be repurposed in this case, although I’d need to get more speakers first.


Am I missing anything? Thanks






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