Poor Sound from my Play 1 Surround's.

  • 17 April 2018
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Just bought a new Sonos Playbar to work with my 5 year old Samsung 55" TV. Used two of my Play 1 Speakers to work as the rear L&R Surround Sound speakers. The soundbar sounds great, but the rear speakers don't sound like you would expect for surround sound. I've spoken to a Sonos care rep, and sent in a diagnostic. I was told that I needed to change the setting on the TV to Dolby Digital. The Samsung TV does have a Dolby Digital option, along with PCM, DST and NEO DTS. Unfortunately the only two that are selectable are the PCM and the NEO DTS.

I then checked with a Samsung customer care rep, and he is telling me that the only time I can select Dolby Digital is when I'm watching something from NetFlix, HULU or a few other services. Huh!.....that doesn't make any sense.

As a result we are considering returning the soundbar. We made the expensive soundbar purchase, as we have already invested in other Sonos products.

Has anybody else had this issue, and did you find a fix? Any info would be appreciated.


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2 replies

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Your source is sending only pcm stereo, so your tv can not select it.
I had the same, but i use a cable/sat box that needed to be set to output 5.1 first bofore it worked.
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Devices plugged into your TV will need to be sending Dolby Digital 5.1, the TV will then pass-through to the Soundbar, neither your TV or the Soundbar does real time encoding

If your input sources that plug into the TV don't support Dolby Digital 5.1 output, then you should return the soundbar and go buy speakers and a AVR reciever that meets your requirements

Soundbars are not meant to act as real AVR recievers