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  • 7 December 2019
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I phoned sonos last week and we reset everything but 1week later I have the same issue..which is:  I have a sub, sound bar, 2 play ones in one group(family room)  The other groups are play one (living room), play three (bedroom), the move (portable).  All play music except the surround sound group hooked with the tv (family room).  I can play music in all groups except that one.  I can select any other group and then add my (family room) surround sound group and it will play but it will not play as it’s own group.  What could be the problem?  Also I still use the bridge.  

Tech helped me last week but the problem has come back.  Thanks

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2 replies

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Bridges are very old and prone to frustrating problems, I’d run an Ethernet to a non-surround Sonos and after a couple minutes remove power from the Bridge. Long cheap Ethernet cables are available on Amazon so don’t get ripped off for an expensive one.

Once the Bridge is unplugged see if things work better. If they do you have a couple good options, leave the Ethernet you just added (or move it to another speaker) or grab a Boost to replace the Bridge.

What I consider a poorer option is to switch your Sonos to use your home WiFi, that isn’t always simple and can impact your WiFi setup.

Thanks for the idea.  To be sure I understand do you think I can move the subwoofer in another room and connect the Ethernet to that?  Would that change the experience if the subwoofer is in another room?  Or is the best option to buy the boost?  Thank you for your help.