PlayBase (related) problems

  • 28 June 2017
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Dear All,

I am rather disapointed with the PlayBase, main reasons are:

- When purchasing, one is not warned that it is not compatible with the Play5 Gen1 (I own six of them, as well as a SUB) as surround speakers
- When you group them the normal way, there is a delay in the sound and the sound level doesn't adjust when using the TV remote (only the playbar volume level follows the TV remote)
- When you group the PlayBase to the regular group (non-tv) it automatically leaves the group when the TV is turned on (great), but it doesn't re-join the original group automatically once the TV is switched off.

From a user perspective (who has invested a lot in SONOS equipment), I am rather disappointed because I thought all SONOS equipment would be compatible with each other and the user experience would make sence. Clearly it doesn't.

If anybody has found workarounds or other solutions, please let me know. Thanks!!

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1 reply

Further to my question above, it also seems impossible to use more than 1 remote for volume adjustment, Again something I wouldn't expect to be part of a user experience. Most of us have 2 or more remotes to adjust volume.