PlayBase or Sub?

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I'm apologize in advance if this has already been brought up here.
I currently own 4 Sonos Play 1. 2 together (in my TV room) and the other 2 separately in other rooms. It's already coming up on 1 year since I've had the 4 Play 1 speakers and I love every second listening to them. With Black Friday coming up I see they will have the Sub $100 off and SonosOne $25 off. The Beam is discounted as well. I wish they had the PlayBase $100 off. Oh well. So I am going to purchase a pair of SonosOne speakers to replace the Sonos Play 1 I have in my TV room. I'll pair the 2 Play 1's with my other 2 Play 1 to get a more stereo sound in the other rooms. I would like to get both PlayBase and the Sub but it's a big cost for both plus 2 new SonosOne speakers. If I were to get one, which one should I get? The Sub or PlayBase? Of course I would use the PlayBase with my flatscreen TV and for streaming music. I currently have a Vizio surround bar for the TV. It actually sounds really good for Vizio. I'm leaning more towards the Sub because it will be $100 off on BF. Plus I hear lots of great things on it with the Sonos speakers. I listen to music more than watching TV these days. But when I do watch TV I like to listen in stereo surround. Maybe next years BF they will discount the PlayBase? Lol.

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