Playbase location

  • 28 November 2017
  • 3 replies

My TV is located on a wooden swivel TV stand that is larger than the playbase. Am I compromising sound quality if I stack the components as follows: Sonos on bottom, wooden swivel stand completely covering the Sonos, then TV on top? I could reverse these if needed. TIA.

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3 replies

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No that shouldn't be an issue. There's nothing on top of the Playbase that you'd be blocking. Just make sure it's not beyond the weight limit for the Playbase.
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Hmm, I would say it would depend how much the swivel overhangs the Playbase. If it's a small amount like an inch or less, it's probably fine, but at some point it will definitely affect the sound by reflect it downwards, which if nothing else probably decreases the perceived height of the sound field. It'll probably still sound good, but I think the directionality of the sound could be affected.