Playbase + 2 New Sonos 5s for music?

  • 18 November 2018
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Currently have a new Playbase and two Sonos One's for surround sound. Works great.
Occasionally, I listen to music and switch the Sonos One's Music Mode to "Full" in the app - which also seems to work great - but I can hear limitations in two sonos ones for certain types of music.

My question is: If I switch the two Sonos Ones with two Sonos 5s - will the above configuration still work - for both Home Theatre and, occasionally, music - with the advantage that the Sonos 5s are significantly better for music (I'm assuming two sono's 5s with be much better than two sono's 1s for music, but overkill for just surround sound).


Best answer by jgatie 18 November 2018, 21:43

Yes, that will work.
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2 replies

Yes, that will work.
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Consider keeping your present setup for surround and adding the Play 5s as a new Stereo-pair room at the front of the listening area. You can use just the 5s for music or group them with the surround system in full mode and get a lot of sound from the setup when you want it.