Playbar Volume controll not working with Samsung Model *KS* TV remote

  • 8 September 2016
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This new Samsung TV does not have an IR extender, but I have tried anyway to follow this description:

select Start > Home Theater > Select Samsung as the brand, Choose Optical for the connection type, Run the function test and just say Yes it worked (nothing will have changed), Exit

I can do above, I add a Samsung home theater, but I can still not Learn the TV’s volume codes into the PLAYBAR via the Sonos App, it seems the remote does not emitt any IR signals when activating the volume buttons.

What to do? I am are able of choosing older samsung home teater's I have tried some, but still no IR emittment from remote.......

My TV is a 49KS8005

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2 replies

Try adding the theatre as sonos. It's not listed, but type it in manually. Needed to call samsung support before it worked . (Hawing a 65ks7005 is should be the same for your model)
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Hi kitkat, if it is not an IR remote, it cannot work with the Playbar and you would need to pair a different one. You can check if it emitting an IR signal by looking at the front of the remote with a digital camera, such as is on most smartphones. If you press a button and see something light up, then it is IR.

The manual for this TV seems to indicate that it also came with a standard remote. If that's the case then I would advise using that one.