Playbar Surround - Panasonic TV ARC Monoprice MD-415ARC

  • 15 November 2016
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Hi guys,

Recently purchased, a playbar, sub, 2 x play1s for a surround setup. Love them but am having an issue getting the TV audio into the system.

I have a Panasonic 4k tv that doesn't pass 5.1 thru to the optical from HDMI sources so I purchased a Monoprice MD-415ARC, it works great to get my HDMI sources into the playbar as 5.1 but I'm having an issue getting any audio from the TV to the Monoprice via ARC. I cant even get 2 ch audio. In Viera link when I select Home Cinema to enable the ARC (worked perfectly with my previous home theatre receiver) it just jumps back to TV, ive tired every dip switch combo on the Monoprice and turned ARC on on it and I just cant get anything out of it. Nothing from Live TV or the netfix app. Both work perfectly if I connect the optical cable from the TV direct to the Playbar thou.

Hoping someone here has had and fixed the same issue (haven't been able to find an answer via search) otherwise I think Im going to have to get an optical switch as well and run the TV and monoprice switch output to that as well.


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2 replies

Thanks Gus, yep definitely in the ARC port HDMI 2 - Arc works fine into my old receiver, and the blue light is on. CEC doesn't seem to be passing thru either so think I'll contact monoprice as it doesn't seem to be functioning correctly.
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Hey there andyjp, welcome to the community. Some TV's have specific HDMI ports that work with ARC support. Please verify the HDMI port you're wiring into the ARC port on the switcher has ARC support. When ARC is active on the Monoprice switcher the light should be blue. Does your light turn blue when trying to play the TV audio? In your case, it may be best to contact Monoprice support to see if they have ideas on what might cause this issue.