Playbar Speakers

  • 26 October 2016
  • 6 replies

How do you get the multiple speakers on the Playbar to play when watching TV? All Playbar speakers work when listening to music. Thanks.

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6 replies

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When you say "multiple speakers on the Playbar" do you mean you have a Playbar with a couple of Play:1's or Play:3's as rear speakers in a surround sound configuration such as 5.0 or 5.1 with a Sub?
Sorry for the confusion - no, I was referring to the multiple built-in speakers comprising the Playbar itself. It appears that when I have my TV running through the Playbar only the center section of speakers on the Playbar are playing, but when I play Pandora through the Playbar the left, center and right side Playbar builtin-in speakers are operational. Music sounds much better because of the stereo effect, whereas the TV sounds like it is in mono. Thanks.
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Sounds almost as if your TV is only sending a mono signal if that's possible? First thing I'd check is that all the sound settings are correct. What make/model TV do you have? Obviously we can rule out any issue with the Playbar as you're getting the full 3.0 sound through when using Pandora. Could be worth checking the optical cable is firmly inserted at both ends (even try a different cable if possible).
Our TV is a Samsung LCD smart tv about 3 years old. The TV's built-in speakers play the TV output in stereo when I switch from external speaker mode back to TV built-in speaker mode. I just set up the new Sonos speakers yesterday so the optical cable is new and I made sure it was in firmly at both ends. I'll have to check the TV settings tonight, but it would seem odd that it could send a mono signal unless the TV show was a mono broadcast. Thanks.
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Yeah it does seem a little odd. Flicking from external mode to TV built-in speaker mode won't really help in diagnosing the problem here. But once in external mode, it might be worth just checking any submenu's just in case.

If all settings appear correct, then try (if possible) connecting the Playbar directly to the source, i.e. Set Top Box and see if that sounds better.
Thanks for your thoughts. I will check to see if there are any submenus I may have missed, recheck the optical cord, and then try some further troubleshooting if need be. Thanks again.