Playbar sound cutting out during Netflix

While playing netflix through my new Samsung TV and Sonos playbar, the sound will cut out intermittently about 1 to 2 seconds every 8 to 10 minutes. I straightened out the optical cord when the playbar started cutting out during regular television shows and have had some success, however, the sound issue seems to be happening only when watching Netflix. I've followed some posts from people who have had similar problems and have not heard or seen of any solutions to this issue. I have run the Sonos diagnostics test (confrimation # 3616602). Please help resolve this problem.

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I Have the same problem. It looks like it's  (slightly) better when using PCM (instead of Dolby) and WIFI streaming (instead of cable). It is really annoying
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Hello Ed,

I noticed that my colleague Michael is currently assisting you (reference number 140419-001140 ).
I’ll close this post to centralize the channel of support

Thank you,


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