Playbar/Sony TV/Sky remote

  • 24 March 2013
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Hi, I'm sure this is really easy to fix, but am struggling.....I installed my Playbar today, I have a Sony TV which I control with my Sky remote. I have got the sound coming from the Playbar and changed the speakers to Audio System on the TV to do this. However, although I can control the sound from my Sky remote, everytime I change the sound I get the message "TV Volume is Fixed". Any ideas how toi disable this?

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55 replies

Thanks for your quick and direct solution. It took me less than a minute to sort!! Very pleased ?
THANKS ERIC_23 !! Playbar sounds amazing! Now for the sub and Play 1 on my wishlist.
AndrewLockhart I can't find your post with the solution to make the slide volume bar disappears. The link above takes me to sky forum. I am confused 😉
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However the link in my original post seems broken so try this one,
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Camelgrana - if you follow my solution above you can get rid of the volume slider
Now that the problem is sorted and I have the volume bar on screen... Is there anyway to make that volume bar disappear and nothing shows up when adjust the volume?
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I'm having the same problem with my Sony Bravia TV. The sound from the Playbar works just fine, but every time I adjust the volume up and down with my remote, the volume on the Playbar will change, but an alert message pops up on the TV that reads "TV Volume is Fixed." I went to the options on the Sony TV and switched the Speakers option back to TV from Audio System and the Playbar no longer works, but the error message goes away. Clearly the TV is alerting me that the "TV Volume is Fixed" when it's set to "Audio System." Any idea how to avoid this? It's not the end of the world but it's terribly annoying.

I've followed the instructions below to get rid of the Audio is fixed message, but they all end up with me getting a volume slider which potentially shows the wrong value as you could have changed the volume using the Sonos App. I believe I have a better way of solving this.

First thing is to switch the TV speakers off as people recommend so that you get the annoying message, then you need to change the Sky Remote with a little know setting so that it controls Amps/Recievers, see link here:

In theory you can pick any model of receiver you want, the key here is that the volume buttons on the Sky remote will still switch your Sony on and off as well as change the AV input, but will be sending a different signal when you use the Volume Buttons and mute. You can now reprogram your PlayBar to recognise the new remote signals the Sky Remote is sending.

Hope this helps someone.

Now if only my Bravia passed through DD 5.1.

Your tip worked perfectly!! Thanks for sharing!!
Ok thanks for the advice. It's not really a big deal. The image only pops up for a second, but it's good to know a workaround
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If your TV when speakers are turned off still pops up with volume bar.... the only way to stop is teach your playbar a different remote from different mfg. so your TV doesn't see (or cover the IR on the TV - but will have to turn on then from button on TV).  Some TV's don't supress the volume bar.
I did this, but now the volume bar for the TV shows up when I adjust up or down. Any ideas to get rid of that?
Woohoo thank you so much. Have been looking for a solution for days, and thought I tried everything, but this worked 🙂
Thanks Eric - I knew the solution was there. Love the Sony Sonos Playbar combination. rock! That was the last step in the painful process of setting up this sound bar.
Seems my previous post did get through... Only now saw your last reply. I have most of your options... But I don't have 'Audio out', the HDMI/DVI nor the 'tv position' options.
Are you in the 'options' menu (on your remote, press options) or on the HOME>Settings menu (on your remote, press HOME, then select settings (the briefcase like icon )?
Home - Settings (suitcase icon) - Sound Then select: - Speakers: Audio System - Headphone/Audio Out: Audio Out - Audio Out: Variable The trick have to go home on the remote to get into the 'smart' part of the TV; don't use options button on the remote that brings up basic settings... It works as a dream on an XBR850B
Thanks so so much
Outstanding. Just got a new Sony 4K and was struggling to turn this off. It worked! Outstanding
I have the same TV as Daryl and cannot get the settings listed to work either, any help will be appreciated.

Best thing to do is to throw Sony out the window and buy a Samsung. I am considering that.
Great tip. Thanks very much.
Hi User368015 I've been back through my setup and realise I could have done it all from one screen menu: Home - Settings (suitcase icon) - Sound Then select: - Speakers: Audio System - Headphone/Audio Out: Audio Out - Audio Out: Variable The on-screen volume won't always reflect the Playbar volume at the beginning of each use. You may need to keep pressing vol- until the Playbar is silent in order to re-sync.
Thanks for the suitcase icon.  This worked.
Thanks so much. You advice is spot on!
Thank u that worked fine! It's the little things that matter isn't it?
Do you know if the optical out on a Sony TV is variable or fixed?
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I have the same TV as Daryl and cannot get the settings listed to work either, any help will be appreciated.

Hi Daryl, managed to do it via the iPhone app, now working with both the original TV remote and the Sky remote. Cheers.