Playbar removed from surround system

  • 5 December 2021
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Anyone else experiencing issues setting up a Playbar with Move for stereo sound operating on S2 Version 13.4 since the new iOS 15.1 update?  
Did Playbar get phased out on this new update?  I hope not. 


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6 replies

Are you trying to use a Playbar for one channel and a Move for another? If so then that has never been possible and I can confidently predict never will be. Or have I misunderstood your meaning?

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Are you trying to group the Playbar with the Move in the Sonos app or are you trying to set them up as a stereo pair? Two different Sonos speaker models cannot be paired together as a stereo pair.

@John B misunderstood, but this is good to know also. I am trying to play Move as my stereo sound speaker playing off my Playbar. I was able to do this last Sunday for a football game and it was amazing sound. 

@GuitarSuperstar yep, I was trying to group Playbar and Move together in the app as a stereo pair.  I was able to do this last Sunday and the stereo sound that Move created was epic. I could hear so much more. 
This week iOS updated and I fear it’s changed that compatibility. 

You cannot stereo pair them. You can group them. Nothing has changed.

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Just to add some clarification: getting sound from two speakers (Playbar and Move in your case) does not make them a "stereo pair”. Grouping makes both speakers play all sounds, not just one stereo side - probably preferable above the (with Sonos not existent) stereo pairing option.