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  • 12 February 2013
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I agree; DTS support is not a nice-to-have but a basic requirement! I just spend EUR 2,000 on the complete SONOS 5.1 setup and the "upmixed" output on the 2 rear Play 3s while playing Game of Thrones from a regular DVD box is inconsistent and disappointing. NOTE: as stated in attached Playbar review, when you DO directly link your Blu-Ray DVD player to the Playbar via optical out, it DOES deliver a very good Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack as the movie director intended. As such I also bought AU-D41 Optical Audio Switcher which at least ensures that true Dolby Digital 5.1 or Dolby Digital Plus signal does not get degraded to PCM 2.0 stereo signal by the TV. This optical audi switcher does not produce any delays and costs just GBP 51; see below This does leave 2 issues: 1. Still my SONOS Playbar can't play any DTS content from Blu-Ray DVDs and as such my Game of Thrones Blu-Ray Season 2 box seems wasted. Unless... I again put the TV between the Blu-Ray DVD player and my Playbar but this results in an upmixed Dolby Prologic (fake 5.1) sound which doesn't convince or use the Play 3 rear channels consistently 2. SONOS decided last year not to deliver the SONOS subwoofer in matt black at GBP 100 discount yet had to reverse that decision after strong public demand on this forum. What would it take for SONOS to be honest about the lack of DTS support on the Playbar? Why does a GBP 250 home cinema set support DTS and my GBP 1,700 SONOS does not??? I don't believe for 1 minute that this is due to DTS licensing costs My SONOS dealer tells me that true DTS signal takes a lot more bandwidth than Dolby Digital 5.1 and that the SONOS wireless technology can't cope with this without causing too much delays/skipping sound. I WISH SONOS WAS WILLING TO SIMPLY GIVE US A REAL ANSWER AS TO WHY DTS SUPPORT FOR THE PLAYBAR WAS NOT INCLUDED FROM DAY ONE... The AU-D41 Optical Audio Switcher is ideal for use with the Sonos PLAYBAR if your television only has 2 channel Stereo from its optical output as the AU-D41 will send a 5.1 soundtrack from your sources to the PLAYBAR without downgrading them to a 2 channel signal. The AU-D41 has four optical inputs and one optical output. This device allows you to connect up to four optical sources to your PLAYBAR, for example your Blu-ray, Sky HD etc in addition to the TV with the ability to switch between sources whilst connected to your PLAYBAR. All signals are bypassed without delay. This device has 'last memory function' and an IR remote control for convenient use.
Hello all I see a couple of folk have found our Octava ARC enabled solutions - which are a great partner product for the PLAYBAR. If you have enough HDMI Inputs on your TV and the TV will accept and pass up-to DD 5.1 via HDMI and is HDMI ARC enabled our HD11-ARC will provide an Optical Out to your PLAYBAR, If your TV lacks the required number of HDMI Inputs and or only supports 2.0 audio via HDMI our HD41-ARC will deliver HDMI audio, Optical Audio and ARC audio to the PLAYBAR – I believe we are the only manufacturer offering ARC support at present, Any questions do please shout. Joe Octava Inc
No. The feet on the bar won't clear the stand. Something of equal height or higher placed on either side of the tv stand will let the bar sit properly. Or you could get a mounting bracket and mount it on the wall above the tv.
Don't know what you're talking about. The source isn't the limitation. The TV is limitation. Some tv's will only passthru a dolby stereo signal through the toslink connection . Check with you're tv manufacturer. In another post you said you have a vierra VT plasma. You shouldn't have an issue getting DD 5.1 through the toslink. I have a vierra UT50 and it passes 5.1 through the optical audio connection.
I think you need to buy a new tv.