Playbar/Play Ones - Mixed channel audio. (Better audio settings)

  • 10 October 2019
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I want to preface this by saying the audio quality of the Sonos playbar and play ones is ABSOLUTELY PHENOMINAL! I love them, BUT....

I am pasting my email below that I sent to sonos support....Perhaps you all can assist me in a setting or even a feature change... For the record I am connecting a brand new (8/20/2019 purchase) Samsung 82 inch tv using an optical cable.....

to Sonos

Thank you I feel this is a necessary update! I am near returning the Play 1 speakers. As surround speakers I would grade them a D. As speakers, they sound amazing! For stereo audio they are great!!!

I have built the PERFECT movie room complete with acoustic insulation. However, whenever I watch a movie... It is the same old story... Turn UP the volume to hear the dialog.... Turn DOWN the volume during action scenes because my entire neighborhood is now shaking from the high volume... I have messed with EVERY single EQ setting. Thats another thing, for a $1,000 + tax audio system, Sonos is very lacking in the EQ department. Treble and Bass only? Is this 1985? Regardless, I have tried the eq, loudness on and off, night mode on and off, dialing up and down "TV Volume" in the sonos app settings for surround sound...... Simply put, there NEEEDS to be an option to add dialog into the rears... Call it a HALL setting if you will. Call it the new night mode....Call it whatever you want... But think about this... If you want to be able to hear a movie... and NOT wake up the whole house on a wednesday night... An even split of all channels to front and rear would make listening smooth, easy and it would eliminate the need to have to constantly turn up and down the volume!!! Please consider my email.

Best regards,
Jay Scott

Hello Jay!

Thank you for contacting Sonos Customer Care and for taking the time to share your suggestion. We are always looking for ways to improve the Sonos experience, and while we don't share details of our product roadmap, we regularly pass the suggestions we receive to our product development teams.

Therefore, we'll send up a feature request on your behalf to our product development teams. Hopefully, it will be a feature in a future update.

To stay informed of our latest announcements, we recommend joining our online community:

If you need assistance, please feel free to reach out to us by replying to this email or you can browse our online FAQ forum at

Thank you for being a Sonos customer.

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