Playbar line of sight issue

  • 26 August 2018
  • 3 replies

I recently had to reconnect my playbar to my wireless router after having to reset the router. Since then I believe that the playbar isn’t as responsive to my cable universal remote unless I aim it precisely at the eye. Is there a way to improve the line of sight or responsiveness of the playbar? Thanks!

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3 replies

First thing, try power cycling it. The PLAYBAR reads its position to determine which IR receiver to use when it is plugged in, apparently, and only at that time. So if you adjusted it after you plugged it in, it may be that the wrong receiver is activated. Also, try replacing the battery in your remote. I suspect that most TV's are more sensitive to failing batter issues than the PLAYBAR is.
Thanks! It’s amazing what Powering off the device will do. Rookie oversight
Heh.Wouldn't have been a thing I'd have thought of, if I hadn't run into it before. I would actually think that the sensor should always be active, not just time when the device is powered on. I suppose there's some sort of power drain of some type if you were continually checking it, albeit perhaps minimal.