Playbar is fine but no sound from three of my Sonos One devices

  • 5 August 2020
  • 2 replies

I can control my sound bar with the updated Sonos app. No issues there.

There was some sound initially out of one of three Sonos One devices I bought but then it dropped


sonos one set up as follows:


#1 Sonos One plugged into CenturyLink modem with yellow internet wire

#2 Sonos One plugged into outlet for power without internet cable, it gave sound but stopped

#3 Sonos One plugged into outlet for power, no sound.

2 replies

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As a first step, turn off power to all the speakers. Then reboot router. When it and the wifi is FULLY restarted, power up #1 One. Check the app and test some streaming to it. Then power up #2 and check it out. Then do #3.

If that sorts it, you probably had some ip address conflicts, so it’ll be worth setting fixed ip addresses for the speakers. Report back with how the above goes and then we can suggest the next step.

Thanks. I will give that a shot after work and let you know.