Playbar for open system?

  • 13 May 2017
  • 1 reply

My set up now, is surround 5.1 using two play 5 gen2, sub, playbar. All of this connected through optical to my PC so it work like an AUX (it playwhat ever i play on my PC).

My question,
Is it possible to connect the playbar using the optical cable(TOSLINK) to DAC (to convert the Signal from Digital to Analog), then connect the DAC using aux 3.5mm jack to my apple wifi, so I can play anything using airplay?
will there be any lag? is it gonna be a lot of lag?

Thank you guys... 😃

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1 reply

Sorry, i may have misunderstood, but what you describe makes no sense to me at all. The optical on the Playbar is a digital input. What could you achieve by attaching a DAC to it?