playbar flush in wall

good evening I am going to build my new tv into the wall to make it flush I would also like to build a new sonos playbar flush in the wall - is this possible or would I have to leave a large gap all the way round the playbar. if I have to leave a gap all the way round what would you recommend the minimum gap thank you so much for your time stuart

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Hello Stuart,

If you enclose the PLAYBAR flush, depending on the material of the wall, there might be problems with sending/receiving the wireless signal, so in this case I would recommend to use the PLAYBAR in a wired fashion, meaning that it is connected via network-cable to the router or another Sonos component.

Also, I would leave the sides a little more open, because some of the drivers are looking outwards, and blocking that will not be good for the sound.

In regards to heat dissipation, there is very little experience so far. You may want to leave an inch or two of space around the device.

Kind regards,

Björn L.


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