Playbar connected to TV audio problems.

  • 3 March 2018
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I am wondering if anyone could help me, I currently have a Sonos Play Bar connected to my tv via an optical cable, the optical cable connects directly from the Play Bar to the TV and my Sky HD box connects to the TV via HDMI, I also have a Google Chromecast connected to the TV also via HDMI.

The issue I am facing is that when I am watching TV via Sky the sound seems really flat but if I am watching a movie from the Chromecast via say NowTV or Netflix there is more of a cinematic experience, there is more bass and the sound definitely seems more like it would when you are at the cinema.

I have tried everything to resolve this but I am not sure what might actually be causing the problem.

If anyone could shed some light on what might be causing it I would be really grateful.

Thank you

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7 replies

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Check under setting - About my sonos in the app to see what signal the playbar is getting for the different sources. Sounds like the source is not 5.1 from the Sky HD box.
Audio in says Stereo for both Sky & Chromecast.
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Are you using Netflix from your TV. Sounds you need to check what audio your devices are out putting and then check your tv settings to see if it is passing through 5.1 to the playbar.

I am relatively new to sonos you might also post your tv model so someone can help you.
Netflix comes from the Chromecast. I will get the model of the TV and post back.

Thanks for your help so far, it is appreciated.
Hi , I bought the MARMITEK Connect AE14 . Connected HDMI to TV (HDMI with ARC) Chromecast in AE14 . All other HDMI connections on remaining inputs. SPDF out to Soundbar. Works Great . Get 5.1 sound from all devices (sat.rec.,Chromecast, Digital tv tuner ) when available.
Check it out
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If Netflix is on your chromcast and your app shows 5.1 then your tv is passing through 5.1 OK.

I'd look at the sky box setttings and check what it is outputting. I don't know those devices though, someone else may know what to look for.
I have some more information;

TV: Samsung UE46EH5000
Sky: DRX890
Sonos: Sonos Play Bar

On the skybox I changed the sound outputted by the HDMI to Dolby D, most of the core channels worked perfectly but some of them had no sound at all, I had to change the sound back to normal to get it to output sound again.

My thinking is that some of the channels are not outputting 5.1 and when I set the sound to Dolby D the skybox is defaulting to 5.1 but channels that don't support 5.1 have nothing to fall back to?!

Is there anything I can add in between the HDMI device & Sonos to get the sound into 5.1 even if the channel is not supporting it?