• 18 April 2018
  • 3 replies

My ethernet cable is wired directly to my playbar in from my playbar back to my TV. Can I disconnect the ethernet cable that goes to my TV and run a separate line directly to the TV. Will the playbar still work

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3 replies

The sound from the TV travels through the optical cable between the TV and the PLAYBAR, so once you've set up the PLAYBAR on your wifi, you certainly can remove the ethernet cable.

I think that's what you're asking. If not, can you be more clear? It's slightly confusing when you talk about an ethernet cable to the TV (which provides internet connection, not sound connection), and a "separate line" (of what?).
Hi Airgetlam, I had my Sonos system hooked up by a home automation company and that's the way they hooked it up hardwired Internet connection to my sound bar and then to my TV I thought that was the way it supposed to be. I will disconnect the ethernet cable for my sound bar in directly hook it up to my TV .the reason this question came up is because I am getting a low speed test on my five-year-old Samsung television .I hope by hooking up the Internet cable directly to my TV will help the speed test thank you for everything you were helpful.
If I'm not mistaken, and I understand you correctly, the ports on the PLAYBAR are 10/100 ports, not gigabit speed, so if they were using the PLAYBAR as a router to get the ethernet signal to your TV, then yea, you might see a slight speed issue, although probably not enough to matter, I'd expect, other than some sort of speed test.

But yes, there's no reason to keep your PLAYBAR plugged in to ethernet, so take that cable that's connected from the router, and plug it straight in to the TV 🙂