Play MP3 dolby surround on Sonos

  • 6 January 2019
  • 3 replies

Tomorrow I will be a happy new owner of a Sonos Beam with 2 Sonos One as Surround/rear speakers.
It will be my first Sonos products and I am very excited about it. I can't wait to go play with it.

I have a question. I will connect my TV to the Beam and I have a Synology nas.

I have a music DVD with music in Dolby Surround recordings. This DVD is only music, no video. This DVD came with a music CD with the same songs, but as Music CD.
I have understood that it is possible to save music with Dolby Surround as MP3 file.

If I have MP3 with Dolby Surround saved on my nas, will it be possible to play it with the Sonos Beam/One combination and get the surround sound, or can it only be played as 2 channel stereo?
I know, it is possible to play the DVD with surround, but than I need to turn on the TV, only to play the music.

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3 replies

I've never seen that 5.1 can be encoded in an mp3 file. Now I need to do some research.

To my knowledge, playing any file via the Sonos player software will result in a stereo signal sent to the speakers. However, if you play it to the TV via some player, the format will be the full 5.1 surround signal, and be interpreted by Sonos properly, regardless of the fact that it has no video associated. All of my 5.1 DVD music discs have some sort of video, even if it is just a menu screen, but I use my DVD player to send the signal to my TV, and the TV then sends the signal to the Sonos.
Well, there is a format called mp3 surround, but I'm not convinced Sonos will be able to interpret it. Once you get your system set up, why not give it a try, and report back whether it generates a surround signal or not?

My expectation is that it won't, unfortunately.
Thank you both for your quick reply!
I surely will try it and report back in this forum!