Play base sound lagging picture

  • 1 July 2017
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Hi just got a Playbase and the sound is lagging the picture. All sound delay options on TV Satelite Box and Playbase are set to zero, but the sound is still arriving after the images. Can anyone help?

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3 replies

You haven't said what kind of TV you have, but there are often options in the TV's audio settings for that kind of thing as well.
Hi it's a Samsung it has controls to slow the audio but these are set to zero. I'm used to the idea of the picture lagging the audio where the solution is to use audio delay but I am having the opposite problem and I'm not aware of a control to slow the video?
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Hello dgn1234, have you checked the "TV Dialog settings" within the Sonos app? It's possible that an audio delay has been set. Fore more information on delay please refer to this article :

You may also want to check what the audio format is set to on your TV and connected devices. Make sure they're set to the same format, either Dolby Digital or PCM. If you've checked all of these and the issue persist, please send us a diagnostic report and let us know the confirmation number. Here's how to submit a diagnostic: