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  • 12 December 2018
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Hello, I know this has been a very ongoing and disappointing issue with Sonos as there hasn’t been any slight attempt to fix it. That said, the best advice I’ve been given after speaking with Sonos, switching out cables, speaking to LG and reading countless blogs, etc is to create a new post with a diagnostic code. Well here goes.

Sonos, please tell me how to fix the intermittent static that comes with the playbar when using the tv/cable. My code 1674643776.


Best answer by controlav 15 December 2018, 17:54

If you search the internet you will see that LG static over optical is a common problem on soundbars and receivers of all brands, not just Sonos. It is clearly LG's problem.
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5 replies

hnhirsch4 I have had Sonos products in my home for quite along time ( 4 play1's, 1 play5, Playbar, Sub ) and after investing into a full 5.1 setup claiming to perform and function properly as it should just to find out it don't work because of my specific TV, but claims it did is complete BS! And that's not all what's wrong about this situation, what's wrong is nothing in writing or advertising says it don't! and all Sonos can do is say its not our fault.

I have had this same issue after countless phone calls/emails, countless diagnostic reports, replacing the optical cables, Sonos even replaced my Playbar. There is no fix on there part apparently, and frankly I'm pissed about it! After spending 1000's of dollars on there products claiming superiority, versatility etc. There soundbar don't work with my Top of the line LG OLED, Nothing in writing has told us this or has warned us of this before purchasing these products, all that was claimed was it does! and claiming that they will perform with any TV Just to find out it don't work properly and getting an excuse like we cant do anything about it from Sonos is just wrong.
So now as we apparently have to wait for the TV company (LG) to fix a very specific sonos issue, I just don't see it happening. An issue regarding a Sonos Playbar should be fixable by that company! Now we cant even enjoy what we've spent thousands of dollars on because of the STATIC CRACKLING sound. The only other solution id be willing to try is Troubleshooting the TV with the New Sonos Beam to see if the issue persist, because all the reports show its happening with just the Playbar. So if Sonos was to replace my Playbar with the Beam and compensate me for the Money id lose because the Playbar was much more expensive then the beam id do it. But I'm getting very frustrated sitting here waiting while my Playbar wont even work or function right. The Time I've lost trying to fix and deal with this issue is not a pleasant process and I wish Sonos could do something about it!
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If you search the internet you will see that LG static over optical is a common problem on soundbars and receivers of all brands, not just Sonos. It is clearly LG's problem.

My Setup:
Charter HDMI, XBOX 1S HDMI, Sony 4K HDMI - TV - Optical Out - Sonos Playbar
TV is set to the correct settings so that I am getting Dolby 5.1 and not Stereo sound, Same as for my XBOX 1S and 4K Player

Originally I thought this was a Sonos issue, but after I was referred here by our community it seems this is a LG problem! and possibly a OLED specific problem. (Don't Quote me on that)

Similar to your case it works fine until about 10-30 Min and/or from what I noticed a loud scene with music and explosions that quickly transitions into some quite dialog initiates the static/crackling sound also. It comes from the center of the Playbar I've noticed and is prone to happen sooner when the TruePlay sound is turned on via the Sonos App (If turned off it doesn't happen so quick). The Problem comes and goes, but once it comes it stays until the TV is turned off and whatever source I'm using is turned off also, but no matter what after turning everything back on in 10-30 min its starts happening again.

I went through Sonos Support also. After Numerous diagnostic checks, Customer Service Phone Calls, Audio recordings were even sent in to validate that the speaker was doing what I am describing and Sonos even replaced my Playbar thinking it was a faulty speaker, just to find out it didn't fix the problem........ what a pain in my ass if you know what I mean!

I understand you've talked with LG and they have confirmed its a known problem, but how would it be fixable? via Firmware update? or an actually replacing of hardware in the TV? Frankly I'm pissed! And This is a major problem for LG and the consumers like us in my opinion, we are the ones who are getting the shaft! we've spent thousands of dollars on these TV's & sound systems and cant even enjoy it. I hope LG works with company's like Sonos to remedy this situation, because after all most company's don't use Digital optical for there soundbars and home entertainment systems. This is hurting both company's and I hope we get a fix sooner rather then later.

I will reply here also if and when LG fixes the problem. if they don't come to a solution soon, I will be returning mine as well.

I originally thought this was just a Sonos Issue and I was wrong, its both LG & Sonos issue! in my opinion they need to work together for a fix. luckily I have never had a lip sync issue with my Sonos system. I understand the audio extractor idea could work, but I think instead of spending more money ill just return this TV.
jeremiekey03 Please let me know what you find out with LG. Thanks!