Play 5 not conecting to Toshiba Model 32dt1u

  • 8 January 2017
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I bought a SONOS Play 5 and as it is on my living room I would like to use it as a home theater as well.

I have tried everything to connect it to my TV but is not working. I checked the model of my TV and it is delivering Dolby Digital but does not sound on the Play 5.

I have used a RCA cable and AUX cable and still no sounds. When I play my music through the app or spotify the play 5 sounds perfect.

Any help is appreciate.



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6 replies


The play:5 isn't really designed to be a TV speaker, but here's some potential help.

First off, you can't use a Dolby Digital Signal from your TV. The input (the headphone style jack) on the back of the Play:5 accepts only stereo input, so you'd need to use the RCA to Headphone from the Right and Left outputs on the back of the TV (or if they have a headphone jack, even better, and you could use a straight 3.5 mm headphone cable), and then adjust the volume up to say 50% to make sure there's enough signal coming through the cable to check. Then you'd want to go into the Sonos App and make sure that the Line-In is turned on for the Play:5. At that point, you should probably have some sound, and you can play with the volumes as needed to get it to where you would normally listen.

At the end of the day, if you want to try using the 5.1 signal, you'd need to get a Playbar, which has an optical connection that would go between the speaker and the TV, which would carry that 5.1 signal. And the Playbar has the ability to interpret that signal and split it out into separate streams, which the Play;5 doesn't.

Hope this helps.
Just had another thought. I'm not familiar with your TV set, but the Line in on the Play:5 is an analog input, and won't accept a digital input (usually an orange/yellow RCA plug). So whatever you're going to feed into the Play:5 has to be an analog input.
OK, I've just found a picture of your TV on the net via Google. It looks like all of the plugs on the back of it are "inputs", and there are no "outputs" other than the optical out, which means that you'd need to get a device that would translate an optical signal to a headphone jack. You could probably find such a device on Amazon, I'm not familiar with them myself.
Thank you Bruce! I really appreciate your answer.
I will look into the device you mentioned.
Hi Bruce,

I did buy an optical cable that I hooked to a coaxial audio converter to the SONOS. It actually recognizes the TV when turns on.

The only cons is that TV's speaker has to be muted as there is a delay of 1 sec. A cons that I can live with it!

The sounds when movies are played are phenomenal!

Thanks Bruce.

Outstanding. Delighted it is meeting your expectations! I'm rather fond of my various speakers as well 🙂