Play 5 and two play 1's setup as Home Theater. Cutting in and out

  • 13 December 2016
  • 1 reply

I started my Sonos setup with just the simple play 5. In the interest of adding more sound and a more realistic home theater setup I added two play 1's for my rear speakers. Now, its not playbar setup but it works really well for me (when it works).

90% of the time I have no issues what so ever and everything sounds great, but randomly my two play 1's will start cutting in and out, maybe 2 seconds at a clip and every few minutes or so. Not sure if my router could be the issue or if the speakers aren't set up properly or maybe its just the fact that they are meant to work better with the playbar and not the Play 5.

Any suggestions or help would be great!

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1 reply

It's probably not your wifi signal. In most cases like this, it's a simple IP conflict that causes the drop-outs. If you know how, I'd certainly recommend reserving IP addresses for all of your Sonos equipment. If you're not router savvy, then shut down all devices that connect to your router. The modem, the router, and all connecting devices. Then bring up the modem and let it settle in, then bring up the router, and let it finish settling in. Then move on to each device that connects to the router, and plug it back in to the power, allowing each one to "grab" an IP address before moving on to the next. That should, I suspect, take care of those dropouts.

But as I said first, taking a few minutes to look at your router instructions, and doing the reservation of the IP addresses for the speakers will keep it from happening again. 🙂