Play:5 5.1

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Why is it a waste of money or overkill? The Play:5s are fantastic for music, far better than the Playbar, and can easily be separates from the 5.1 setup and used as a stereo pair.

Granted, the OP did not state that was his intention, but certainly could be.
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A grand for rear speakers that won't make any sound unless you feed it with exactly the right codec. Bargain...
Thanks for the assistance!

Don't tell me it's a waste of money, it's quite the bargain.
Yeah, massive waste of money.
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Yes. You can use the Play 5 (Gen 2) as surrounds for the Playbar.

Although it does have to be said that the consensus is that it would be significant overkill. I have a pair of Play 1s and they are plenty as surrounds.