Play 1 surround speakers for my Playbar - without mains sockets

  • 8 April 2018
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I replaced my beautiful Denon 6:1 home theatre system with a Sonos sound bar and I used a pair of Play 1s, which I already had, as surround speakers.
Unfortunately I don't have mains sockets in precisely the right place for the Play 1s ...
I hate the trailing mains leads to the right locations ...

I know there have been dozens of posts about battery packs for the Play 1s - surely the good folk at Sonos can come up with a simple plug in battery pack for the Play 1 - as several posts have suggested similar to the very common power tool solutions ...

I know about the use of a Connect Amp, but it seems to be very restrictive and fairly complicated - not to mention expensive. I have a Connect Amp already, and a Connect which I don't use - but the Connect cannot be integrated for surround speakers - not sure why ...

New kids on the block have managed to develop plug-in battery packs for WiFi sound systems very similar to Sonos Play 1s - why do Sonos continue to ignore the clamour from loyal users - whether it be for garden use, surround systems or simply moving a unit around the house ...

Best answer by Chris 8 April 2018, 20:48

Then I guess your saying unplug all the time. I guess you could create a box with battery and inverter to run them.
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4 replies

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Would you really want them on a battery pack you would have to recharge all the time. Electrician probably chraper than the batteries.
Hi Chris
Thanks for your reply and thoughts.
I have considered this - but probably much more expensive and far more disruption to chop cables into walls and rip up carpets and floorboards to find ring mains etc! I am not even sure there is a ring main that could be accessed without real major work!
I have to charge my iPhone and other kit daily - so I am used to recharging!
Also I would not necessarily need to use the surround all the time - only when TV or streaming broadcast carries the right sound tracks or when playing DVDs.
A battery pack would encourage me to buy more Sonos One or Play:1.
As it is I already have Bose Soundlink kit, and I am about to buy a pair of Bose Micro speakers - OK - they are Bluetooth - but Bose seem much more on the ball in offering a wide range of kit to suit most demands - including battery powered devices!
So - come on Sonos!! How difficult would it be?
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The speakers stay on 24/7 and when watching tv they are also always playing sounds.
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Then I guess your saying unplug all the time. I guess you could create a box with battery and inverter to run them.