Play 1 not in surround

  • 13 September 2020
  • 4 replies

I have two Play 1s and they used to connect with my playbase and sub in WM2 mode.


They no longer connect as WiFi surround speakers.

Any ideas?

4 replies

Did you perchance turn off the WiFi on any of your speakers, including the PLAYBASE?

Yep, Playbase and Sub are connected using ethernet.

Turning WiFi back on in the Playbase and factory resetting both Play 1s allows them to both join (and function) on WM:0

WM: 0 This product is in a wired setup.
WM: 1 This product is in a wireless setup.
WM: 2 This product is bonded as a surround speaker or Sub to a Sonos home theater speaker in a wireless setup.


It looks like they are wired but they are not so what happened to WM:2? Is it because it is using a mixed set up and in wired mode it doesn’t show the wireless mode for the surrounds (I think I just answered my own question)? 

No that isn't quite the explanation.  WM:2 for surrounds means 'bonded as surrounds in a system that is in WiFi mode'. Once you are in SonosNet mode everything should be WM:0. Ultimately every speaker connects via the wired device. 

Ah! I wasn't aware of Sonosnet or mesh network functionality. That makes more sense thank you for the explanation. I hadn't picked up that difference in network types from the Android app. I had made the assumption that turning off WiFi on the Playbase was just turning off WiFi and not disabling mesh networking.