pairing a ‘Move’ with a ‘one’ for stereo rear surround with a ‘playbase’

  • 13 September 2020
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Hi everybody.  I have a Playbase for my Samsung Tv, I have a Move and wondered if I could pair the One and the Move to act in stereo or as surround speakers for home theatre. Any suggestions of how I could achieve this with what have would be gratefully received. In total I have 2 x Sonos ‘ones’ a Sonos ‘connect’ a Sonos One With Alexa built in, the Move and the playbase.

9 replies

You can pair Ones and One SLs. You cannot pair a One and a Move (thankfully, that would sound weird).

You cannot use Moves as surround speakers. 

I am not sure what speakers you actually  have.  'One with Alexa built in'  is a One.


Hi John,


thank you for your prompt reply. I have two original ‘ones’ without the Alexa built in and one with but your confirmation of what I thought is welcomed.  So I guess I could use both Sonos ‘ones’ ( my originals of about 3 years ago ) to act as rear surrounds but reading other stuff on the community on ‘stereo’ it seems they may only be configured either as rear speakers for a surround sound set up or as stereo for recordings delivered in stereo as some tv broadcasts do not go out in stereo ?  It’s all a bit confusing really and as I get older I don’t suppose my hearing is as acute as it used to be. Thanks for your reply though John, much appreciated as well as anything else that community members may think as yourself. 


Just a heads up, I’m trying to remember when the One came out, but you can not pair a PLAY:1 and a One. If they look exactly the same, they can be paired. 


Thank you. I have two ‘ ones’ both purchased at the same time about 3 years ago but I’ve learnt the Move cannot pair up but the ones could. I’m still to find out how I’d develop this into a 5.1 system with playbase also ?

The PLAYBASE is the front three speakers, left, center and right. The two Ones get bonded to the PLAYBAR as surround speakers, all in the Sonos app. To get the .1, you’d need a Sub, but without it,  you’d have a 5.0 system, which I ran with for a year and sounds great.

Do the speakers you bought 3 years ago have voice control? If not then they are probably Play:1s, which cannot be paired with the Sonos One.


Hi John,

thank you for taking the trouble to answer my issue. You are correct i have three year old pair of ‘play 1’s‘. I also elsewhere in the home have a voice activated ‘Sonos 1‘ which can remain where it is in the shower room. 

I think I can use the Play 1’s as rear speakers in the tv room, bringing one from my office and one from the kitchen for that purpose. The Move I can put into the kitchen for use there on WiFi or in the garden on WiFi ( when in range ) or Bluetooth with Amazon music or my music. I’ll purchase a new Sonos 1 with Alexa voice control for my office  I think.


so if I use both play 1’s as rear surround speakers in association with the play base under the tv will I require a front centre speaker and a sub woofer to make a 5.1 theatre set up do you know ?


thanks again.



Hi John. That sounds like a good plan. You don't need a centre speaker. The Playbase handles the three front channels.

You would need a Sub to make it genuinely 5.1, but as Bruce suggested, you could see how you like the sound without the Sub first. 


Hi John that’s really good of you all, thank you for your help.


i have from our last home my old Yamaha AV1000 digital sound processor, a separate power amp ( can’t recall make right now ! ) a centre speaker and 4 surround Yamaha wall mounted speakers ( 2 front and 2 rear ) plus a Yamaha sub woofer ...all wired of course !  The man in my local hi fi shop when I first enquired about Sonos ( 3 years ago ) said that Sonos although very good and popular with our wives ( less trailing wires and less in size !  ) won’t come near the true fidelity of my old kit !  I’ve still got it in the garage plus the tall B&W pair of main speakers ( with tweeter sat on top ) but as we have down sized from a detached to a semi detached house I have to be mindful of our good neighbours and my old kit would rattle even their kitchen crockery if I had installed and wound it up ! However my days of playing Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Lindisfarne, Dolby Bro’s etc etc ( you get my music and age ! ) are long gone now and although I do like listening loud my ear for hi-fidelity is probably diminished anyway so I’m happy to stick with my Sonos but would like to trim it to suit our current lifestyle and noise tolerances !

So to finish up you’d say try with the play 1’s as rear surround speakers with the play base as it is then if that’s good enough cut there or add a sub if more depth and bass could be accommodated here and next door !  Oh and I also have a Sonos Connect which is currently wired with the Bose 5.1 surround we bought with the house ( but now regret ) which doesn’t get used at all !

Thanks once again.