Outdoor TV & Speakers.

  • 17 September 2020
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I currently have two outdoor patio speakers connected through an amplifier to a Sonos connect. I am wanting to connect an outdoor TV to the same outdoor speakers. Can this be done through the same Sonos connect?

7 replies

Yes, and I did just that by wiring the audio line out sockets on the TV to the line in jacks on the Connect, and setting them to autoplay. Mute the TV speakers to avoid an echo caused by the small lag in Sonos which does not however intrude on the lip sync thing.

However, grouping the Connect to other Sonos speakers in the home needed all Sonos units to be wire connected to the router to avoid drop outs caused by uncompressed play needed to not make the lip-sync go completely out of whack.

I believe there is an analog in on that CONNECT. Assuming your TV has an analog out, then you could use a set of RCA cables to connect the two devices. But you’ll be challenged by the minimum 75 ms delay for processing on that input, which would make lip sync an issue that would be hard to overcome. There’s a reason why Sonos makes devices specifically designed to connect to TVs, and the CONNECT is not one of them. 

I use to have this sort of setup a while back.  I didn’t connect the TV to the Connect, because of the delay @Airgetlam mentioned, but instead connected the TV to the amp I was using.  It worked fairly well as the amp had autoswitching capabilities, however, volume control was annoying since I could not use Sonos app for volume control, and the amp was buried in a closet in the house.  

I eventually replaced the Connect + amp with a Sonos Amp, and enjoy the setup much more now.  So I’d recommend you try it with your currnent equipment and see how it works for you.  If it’s not manageable, switching it out for a Sonos Amp is pretty easy.

I thought the analog In/out scenario would be an option just wasn’t sure on affects, thanks Airgetlam!


Not sure if this amp has auto switching capabilities, will check that option, thanks melvimbe!

Happy to provide some knowledge. There’s quite a few people who are not bothered with that delay, so it’s worth a shot. Fewer and fewer TVs these days have analog outputs though, so that may be a limiting factor. 

I have the same set up and I find no trouble with the delay; I can't make out any effect on lip sync. Where it matters is if you want to play the Connect in a group. To get it to that successfully, I had to ethernet wire connect all the Sonos units involved in group play to the router.

Checked andTV does not have the RCA ports, any other suggestions?