No TV sound on Beam from LG 55ga6400-ud

  • 4 January 2020
  • 1 reply

I can’t get TV audio from the LG 55ga6400-ud to play through the Sonos Beam using the optical to HDMI adapter.


The TV doesn’t have an ARC port. I verified the optical out on the TV is functional by using my Playbar. I’ve tried both codecs available, PCM and “Mixed Dolby Digital”. TV has the most recent patches.


I saw someone posted about a year ago with the same issue but it wasn’t answered. 

Can anyone help?






1 reply

Mixed Dolby Digital is likely the problem. Are you using the tuner / apps inside the TV, or an external source like a cable box? Check to see if you can lock the TV to only Dolby Digital, rather than mixed, but more importantly, set the audio on any devices feeding the TV to Dolby Digital as well.