No surround sound on satellite speakers

  • 6 February 2021
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Hi all,

I’ve just got a Beam, and have connected it to the TV via HDMI. All working well, and the app shows I’m sending a Dolby Digital 5.1 signal when the source has one.

I’ve added two Symfonisk bookshelf speakers as a rear pair for surround sound. These setup successfully, but then I hear nothing from either speaker.

I’ve tried recreating the surround links, checking audio input settings, but nothing seems to make the speakers output sound.

Any ideas?


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5 replies

I didn't expect that answer, maybe I need to learn more about this kit.


It worked, thank you!

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In the Sonos app, be sure you enable Wi-Fi for your Symfonisk speakers.

The two synfinisk speakers are wired, the beam is wireless at the moment.

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Are the Beam and Symfonisk speakers both connected to WiFi or is the Beam connected via Ethernet?

Some additional details:

I’ve looked at similar threads that suggest breaking and remaking the links - no effect.

The app is showing a surround system has been successfully generated (Lounge + LS + HS). I can adjust the surround settings, but nothing appears to have an effect. I can’t detect any sound coming out.

I’ve taken the two surround speakers and turned them into a  stereo pair - this worked fine. Re-making the surround pair returned me to the no audio.

I’ve power cycled pretty much everything I can think of.

Thanks everyone