No sound with Amazon Prime / Roku Stick+

  • 8 December 2017
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The set-up: (new) LG oled65B7A TV , Roku Stick Plus with Sonos PlayBar, paired Play 1's and a Sonos subwoofer. Audio wise everything works fine (audio and video) thru cable box and Roku Stick+ to watch Netflix or any of the other streaming channels EXCEPT for when I try to watch any Amazon Prime videos. Then suddenly no sound comes from the Playbar? I've reset the TV changed various sound inputs but not luck. For whatever reason sound does not come thru when watching Amazon Prime.
Prior, with the same setup but a different TV all was working fine, sound from Amazon Prime video's was not an issue.

Any ideas on what may be causing the sound issue with Prime video watching? I've spent hours trying to figure it out and searching online. Thanks!

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3 replies

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Why aren't you using the inbuilt apps from the LG OLED? LG passes the correct audio from Netflix and Amazon Prime to the Playbar via Optical. I'm guessing Roku is trying to pass DD+ (check Settings, About My Sonos System) and see what it says - most likely "Audio Not Supported".
I did a lot of research on best streaming device and the Roku Stick + came highly recommended (and is so easy to use). I have it on 3 other TV's in the house and everything works fine but for some reason since connecting one to my new LG OLED the sound while watching streaming shows thru the ROKU doesn't always work. I found there are some shows where the audio is fine and some where there is no audio (i.e. stream Ray Donavan on Amazon Prime) but then I can find another show and watch that the same way and there is sound and everything works fine. Now that I've discovered only some programs the sound doesn't come thru (this is the case when watching thru Prime and Netflix) I'm even more stumped.
Did you ever solve this? Using Roku Stick with an HDMI extractor to get output to wireless headphones. ALL audio plays EXEPT on Amazon Video. Sounds like the same issue of failing to pass the audio on only Amazon.