No sound on beam when connected to bell expressview

  • 30 November 2019
  • 3 replies

I have a SONOS beam connected to  

Sharp TV model LC-46D82U, with 3 HDMI ports but no HDMI ARC port, a

ROKU ULTRA and a Bell Expressview 9400 receiver. 

Since there is no HDMI ARC Port, I have to use the HDMI/Fiber cable supplied with the SONOS beam. 

My problem is that no sound comes out of the SONOS beam when connected to the Bell Expressview reciever. The sound is great when connect to the ROKU. 

I’ve tried to shutdown the internal TV speakers but still no sound. 

Is there a configuration I’m missing. 




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3 replies

So, I’d be looking at the audio settings on the Bell device. I’m guessing that it isn’t set to send a Dolby Digital signal to the TV, which is passing whatever it gets to the Beam.

Theres some technical aspects around this which probably don’t interest you, but that’s what I’m going with ;) check those audio settings on the Bell, and see what options are available. 

Hi Bruce, 

The Bell Expressview is a satellite receiver used here in Canada. I believe it’s the same as the ones used on the Disk Network.  

The Fiber cable is from the TV output to the Beam input. 

HDMI input 4 connected to an WD media Player sound on Sonos Ok.

HDMI input 5 connected to ROKU no problem Sonos

HDMI input 6 to Bell Expressvu no sound. 

If tried moving the different devices on different inputs, also different HDMI cable even another Fiber cable still no sound. 

Has to be some sort of config options buried within the Bell expressvu



I’ve no idea what a Bell Expressview receiver device is, but I’m guessing that it wouldn’t be generating an HDMI-ARC signal, something that is normally the responsibility of the TV set itself. You’d probably have to use the optical cable from it to your adapter that came with the Beam, assuming the Bell Expressview device has an optical output. But frankly, I’d be doing the optical connection from the TV set, so that you could connect any number of HDMI sources to the TV, and let the TV be the source of audio to the Beam.