No audio with Samsung Frame/One Connect optical

  • 15 January 2022
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I have a 2021 The Frame TV and have a Playbar connected via an optical cable to the One Connect box. Previous setup was a different Samsung TV and everything else was the same.  

My issue comes when I’m watching Apple TV(4K 2nd gen) with this setup.  On the streaming apps I use(Netflix, Hulu, Prime, etc...), it’s a flip of a coin whether or not I will get audio when I click on the video I want to stream.  I can hear the audible noise from the bar when I am moving from app to app or title to title within the apps.  But once I click on the selection, many times, there is no audio.  I have to go back into the app, move across other streaming selections(without clicking), still hear the audible noise when moving across them.  Then I click back on my selection and try again.  It usually takes 3-4 times before the audio kicks back in and then its good for that particular stream.  Pause the video?  Its back to the coin flip on getting audio or not.  When there is no audio, the white volume indicator  LED on the RHS of the Playbar does not light up.  After the 3-4 tries and the audio returns, the light also works when adjusting volume.  One other odd thing is that sometimes when the audio does return, the volume is reset to 0 or some level that I can’t hear.  Thankfully, with the volume working, I can adjust it up.

I’ve read about issues with the Samsung One Connect box and Sonos regarding eARC, but nothing like this.  The odd thing about this issue is how the Sonos bar is nonresponsive to volume adjustment(vie remote or buttons on the side) when I’m having this audio issue.  

Finally, all devices in this equation have their latest updates and I am using the same cables that worked on the previous Samsung TV I had.  Thanks for any suggestions or feedback!


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2 replies

Thanks for the reply.  eARC was off, but I changed the audio settings in Apple TV like you suggested and it worked!  No more issues and my wife isn’t pushing for me to return the TV anymore :) 

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Under the Apple TV audio settings, make sure you set Change Format to ON and the Audio Format is set to Dolby Digital. You might also try turning off eARC in the TV settings.