No Apple TV pass through to Sonos Arc (not the Atmos question!)

  • 5 September 2020
  • 3 replies

I can’t get ANY sound from my Apple TV 4K through my LG 55C7T to my new Sonos Arc. I’m fully aware that due to the lack of eARC on this TV I can’t get Atmos pass through. 

I have set the ATV to output 5.1 but nothing is making it to the Arc. The only way to get sound is Airplay but this has other shortcomings. 

Audio from the TV itself goes through to the Arc with no issues, including Atmos.

Help, please!

3 replies

Output what version of 5.1? The Sonos can only interpret Dolby Digital 5.1, and not DTS 5.1.


That’s the appropriate format. Have you confirmed that your LG is capable of passing a Dolby Digital signal? One way to check would be to switch the ATV to stereo output, and see if that gets passed through the TV. You need to whittle down the variables until you find the issue.

I’d also make sure the TV has been updated to the most current firmware installed, I’d reseat all of the HDMI cables, and I’d probably try a different cable between the ATV and the TV. 

Have you tried multiple apps on the ATV, or only the Apple TV app?