Newbie questions for 5.1

  • 28 December 2018
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Hello all,

I have some questions. I bought the Beam with Sub and two Sonos Ones' yesterday.

Under normal conditions for music playback, having surround Sonos Ones' in 'Full' setting, sounds great.

But I also at times prefer to listen to music in stereo, specially since many here suggested Sonos One pair with Sub is great combo for music

So is there possibility to switch to stereo from 5.1 on demand? I.e the beams turns off. If not can I set up the same speakers under a different room with only Sonos Pair and Sub.

Aside truplay, are there any other tuning options for the system.?

Is trueplay a must? By default my system is great.

Currently the sub is sitting behind the sofa and the wall. Sounds great with vibrations. But are there any measurements I should follow for correct placement? Such as distance from the wall?

For the eq I found only treble and bass. Is there option for the mid?

Aside from Alexa, are there other options?

That is all I wished to know for the moment. Thank you for reading and thank you Sonos for such wonderful products.


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1 reply

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Hey there, Musical Mutt. Welcome to the Community! You'll find a myriad of different options here when it comes to speaker placement or different ways to set up and configure Sonos. In most cases, it's really dependent on your wants and needs.

Currently, there isn't an easy way to switch between a stereo pair and the 5.1 configurations outside of going into the Room Settings and Removing the surrounds from the 5.1 system and after, creating a stereo pair. There have been a number of topics about this over the years and I'm happy to add your name to list of folks who want a feature like this. My name is on this list as well 😛

Trueplay is the only form of automated tuning that we have. It's a pretty neat feature that I like to use. If you like how your kit sounds now, there's no need to tune. However, it wouldn't hurt to tune and then simply A/B test after to see what you like. You may find yourself surprised.

Our EQ is pretty straightforward. No Mid slider to adjust. If you are looking for a more precise adjustment your sound, it may be a great opportunity to check out Trueplay.

Alexa is the first voice assistant we've partnered with. With the help of AirPlay 2, users can also use Siri on their iOS devices to send commands to Sonos as well. Check out this blog post for more information.