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  • 30 December 2018
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Hi all,

I just set up my first Sonos home theatre a couple days ago. A Playbar (plugged in with ethernet), a sub, and two Play:1 rear speakers. This was replacing my receiver and in wall speakers since we want them out of the walls.

The setup looks and sounds great. Really enjoying it.

Right now, when we want to stream music, we turn on the AppleTV and use Airplay. This is how we had to do it before so no change in process. However I was hoping to be able to airplay directly to the Playbar, which of course I now know I cannot.

If I were to replace the rear Play:1 speakers with the new Play One speaker, that does have Airplay, would it then allow Airplay on my entire system? Just wondering if it is worth the upgrade.

Thanks for the help all. Glad to be a part of this community and to start growing my whole home Sonos experience.

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12 replies

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Using the Ones as rears won't add airplay as it is the main component in that setup which would need to support it. The playbar hardware does not. You would have to setup the Sonos One in another room and only when you group it with the Playbar would you be able to use airplay.
Hi and welcome. No, you cannot do this with surrounds, I'm afraid. You could swap the Playbar for a Beam.

What do you want to play? Music files from iTunes?. If so, Airplay might not be the best approach anyway.
Interesting. So if it's hooked up as rears, that is different in terms of the setup than if it's "grouped"?

I have a big room and the newer Beam I didn't think would handle everything, and the playbase doesn't work with my setup. Hence the Playbar.
Yes, bonding as surrounds is totally different from grouping. The nature of the connection to the system is completely different.
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When setup as rears they are bonded to the playbar. The playbar is the main component and receives the signal first, it then sends it out to the other components. It is a semi-permeant process.

Grouping is temporary and can be done on the fly within the app. It allows for music to play on multiple speakers simultaneously.

When bonded it uses the 5ghz frequency to avoid latency, whereas grouping is done over 2.4ghz
So instead of buying 2 Play One's, I could purchase a single unit, stick it anywhere in my home, permanently group it with my main system, and then I could airplay to everything?

If I do that, what would the One do while I am watching TV. Would it be playing the TV signal?
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That is correct. Yes, it would play all audio, including TV.
Darn. That is not quite ideal.

Any other way to add Airplay to this home theatre setup? I find the Sonos App super clunky when trying to play from Apple Music.
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Grouping is easy enough to do, so you can simply ungroup it when you don't want it to play. You go into the app, room tab, and check/uncheck the room/speaker

No, there is no other way as the playbar itself does not support airplay.
Sounds good. Thinking I might skip it. I know for me it will be easier, but since the family already does the AppleTV thing, and there is no change for them, might just be easier to let it go.

Still, loving the new setup so far. Can't wait to dig into a good 5.1 movie to really hear how it sounds. Open to recommendations!

Thank you all for your help on this!
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Not a problem.

I have a 5.0 setup with the Beam myself but I can definitely recommend some titles, even better if they are in 4K

Bladerunner 2049
The Matrix
Planet Earth 2
Dark knight
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Couple of movies to get the best out of your set up:-
Unbroken (2014) - the bomber scenes with fighters buzzing around the plane near the beginning of the film - awesome
Saving Private Ryan - Beach landing scenes - awesome
As previous post, even better if 4k UHD